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      1. Marine Automation Systems

        Control System Applications for Marine Propulsion, Ballast, Engines, and Thrusters

        Drive Efficiency Aboard Your Vessel

        Optimize Equipment Performance and Improve Reliability

        Rising energy costs. Increasing environmental regulation. Accelerating demand for larger, multi-use ships. When it comes to designing high-performance, cost-effective diesel electric vessels, today's ship builders are faced with daunting challenges. And for each new challenge you face, you must find a solution that can withstand the rigors of a marine environment.

        Commercial and military vessels around the world rely on Rockwell Automation marine automation and control systems to optimize performance for ship engines, thrusters, ballast, propulsion, steering, and more. Our common shipboard architecture provides ship-wide control and visualization. Our commercial off-the-shelf technology for applications and equipment:

        • Reduces headcount onboard ships
        • Provides life-cycle, predictive, and preventive maintenance
        • Improves operational performance
        • Offers immediate global access to spare parts and support personnel
        • Extends the life of your existing assets

        The results: Fleets that are more efficient. Commercial and naval operations that are more cost-effective.

        Capabilities for Reliable Operation

        We offer innovative solutions tailored for the complex marine environment.

        Marine and Offshore Applications

        Sea-going ships and some off-shore oil/gas platforms are required to be "classed" by one of the principal marine classification societies before insurance is arranged and regulatory licenses issued. The marine classification societies also perform many other inspection, certification, and auditing functions. We have over 300 specific products certified in type approvals by these societies.


        Reduce equipment downtime and optimize performance

        Condition-based Monitoring for Commercial Vessels

        To achieve efficient operation, you must keep your complex ship systems up and running – and safeguard your critical assets. From vibration monitoring of propulsion and maneuvering systems to oil analysis of oil-wetted machinery, our integrated condition monitoring solutions provide easy access to shipboard asset health information.

        Learn More About Condition Monitoring and I/O

        How May We Help You?

        Rockwell Automation and our partners offer exceptional industry knowledge to help design, implement, and support your automation investment.