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      1. Process Solutions User Group

        Chicago, Illinois, United States ? November 18–19, 2019

        Join your peers at this interactive 2-day, industry leading event to gain greater insight into the latest process automation technologies.

        Through thought provoking keynotes, insightful technical and customer application sessions, and practical hands-on labs, the Process Solutions User Group (PSUG) addresses the production challenges you face every day including control strategies, optimization, process safety, and more.

        The PSUG event offers:

        • ENLIGHTENED technical sessions and hands-on labs that deliver information on the latest modern process automation technologies
        • INSPIRED customer-delivered best practices to highlight innovative approaches, outstanding ROI, and successes achieved through Rockwell Automation solutions
        • UNSURPASSED peer-to-peer networking activities which provide an opportunity to learn from other process professionals from a broad spectrum of industries
        Process Solutions User Group


        November 18–19, 2019


        Chicago, Illinois, United States

        Industry Leading. Thought Provoking. Insightful.

        The event brings together a diverse gathering of professionals from every process industry around the globe to share common interests in learning about the latest process automation technologies from Rockwell Automation and members of our PartnerNetwork?.

        At PSUG you have an opportunity to ask questions of our experts, listen to customers who have implemented our technologies, and provide us with feedback on product development.

        Who Should Attend?

        • Process control engineers
        • Plant managers
        • Operators
        • Manufacturing IT professionals
        • Integrators
        • EPC consultants?


        Admission to attend PSUG is $649. Registration is required to attend the event and for sessions.


        Choose from? a variety of breakouts, hands-on labs and ask the expert sessions. Registration is required for sessions.

        Event Overview

        PSUG 2018 Event Highlights

        The editors of Putman Media were onsite in Philadelphia to capture the highlights from the 2018 PSUG event. Read the highlights!