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      1. Process Systems

        Rethink Your Distributed Control System

        Manufacturing and production facilities are typically comprised of disparate control systems, individually handling process, discrete power, and safety control. Maintaining these multiple systems strains operations and support, and restricts flexibility and responsiveness. To meet the challenges today and establish The Connected Enterprise, you need a control technology that overcomes these limitations and delivers true plant-wide optimization.

        Improve Quality and Productivity

        It Is Time to Rethink Your Distributed Control System

        You face difficult challenges in the process industry today. Tighter compliance requirements, demand for productivity and competition in the market while using the same control system strategy and automation approach are a few of these challenges. A modern distributed control system (DCS) can help you address these challenges. This modern approach is built using plant-wide technologies that easily integrate with other automation systems.

        Explore Our Distributed Control Solutions

        Increase Efficiencies and Reduce Costs

        Modern Distributed Control Systems

        The modern DCS enables you to drive productivity, increase efficiencies, and reduce costs. This system easily integrates people, processes, and technology into The Connected Enterprise to better address the many challenges you face. The PlantPAx? system is a key component of The Connected Enterprise.

        Our distributed control system solution can benefit your organization by:

        • Automating productivity to decrease time to market
        • Enhancing control to help meet productivity goals
        • Enabling technology to adopt new system capabilities

        The Modern DCS

        • Plant-wide control technology
        • Scalable architectures
        • Secure and information-enabled
        • Flexibility in delivery and support

        Migrating to a Modern DCS

        Does Your DCS Need Upgrade or Replacement?

        We can help you incorporate newer technologies at a pace that is comfortable to you.

        Our DCS migration solutions encompass many legacy DCS systems and include tools that ease migration such as I/O scanners, wiring harnesses, database conversion, and more.

        Learn More About Migrating Your DCS

        Explore Our DCS Solutions

        Process Services

        We provide a wide range of services to help increase productivity, optimize plant assets and improve financial performance. We also offer flexibility in the delivery and support of the PlantPAx system through the global reach of the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork?.

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        Whether you are an engineer, operator, or maintenance professional, ongoing training can help improve performance and assist with knowledge transfer. We offer various forms of training including tailored, on-site, virtual, and instructor-led courses.

        Process Training

        How May We Help You?

        The Process Solutions team is dedicated to solving our customers’ challenges with innovative solutions. We appreciate your interest and would like to speak with you about your unique application.